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map of International

The International district is one of the four main districts within the Megacity of the matrix. it provides a host of Asian Cultures, as well as narrow streets and magnificient plazas which incorporate Asian designs. The downside to this district is that there are gangs compete in order to gain control of this district.

NeighborhoodAccess Key LocationNode Location
AkasakaIkebukuro 35,90
FurihataKaede -554,-255
IkebukuroKedemoth 890,-31
JurongKaede -66,-206
Kaede (Harajuku) Dannah Heights65,-410
KowloonSai Kung 279,563
MurasakiAkasaka -399,146
Sai KungKedemoth 526,-119
ShinjukuShirakaba or Kowloon 46,212
UenoFurihata or Jurong -234,72

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