Agent Gray contacts one of his best â?oimpressiveâ? operatives. The interrogation of the Effectuator has began, however so far itâ?Ts getting nowhere. Desperate for as much information on the Merovingianâ?Ts organization (every detail is another nail in the Mervâ?Ts coffin), Gray decides that perhaps a human operative will have better luck than any Agent has so far.

The operative heads to the Tabor Park neighbourhood, where the Machine stronghold is located.

Agent: The subject has been... unresponsive to questioning so far. We believe it to be an effect of his particular coding. Perhaps a human interrogator will fare better.

Upon being spoken to by the Machine operative, the injured Effectuator speaks up.

The Effectuator: Youâ?Tll never... youâ?Tll never hurt the Merovingian. He knows things you canâ?Tt even... can't even guess at. The Machines think they... think they are the masters of this place, but they are... are fools. But maybe... maybe someone could end his reign. Is it... is it you? There is something I can... I can show you. I... I have an address for you to look at. Feel free to take a... take a look on any computer terminal here. 13...13806, 500, 2980...800.

The Machine operative follows the instruction and loads up the computer.

Checking address: 13806, 500, 29800.
Searching... done.
â?oBUCKLED URGEâ? documents downloaded.
Please remove any information from the drive.

The computer contains a data CD, which the operative proceeds and uploads at the hardline outside.

Agent Gray: The data is being analysed, and... It would appear to be a virus. Not even a very sophisticated one, at that. Apparently our time here has been, relatively speaking, wasted by a foolish prank. However, we remain in possession of the Effectuator. The Merovingian's power has been diminished, and his demise approaches.

Cryptos Recordings Found:Â

â?oThe Machines canâ?Tt give us Neoâ?Ts body back because they donâ?Tt have it. Heâ?Ts rotting in some tunnel just short of Zion, where he was killed by operatives of the Council.â?

â?oThink about this. Neo defeated Smith. He won. That means he made it out of the Matrix alive. He had already negotiated a Truce that let the Machines keep the Matrix running, so they had no reason to kill him. The only people whose power he threatened were the leaders of Zion. Think about it.â?

â?oThe General is quite dangerous. His activities imperil everyone. If he isnâ?Tt stopped, much could be lost. The Matrix itself could crumble.â?

iRomav 01-30-2006, 06:25 PM

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