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Live Event Special Interest Group
A group of players originally organized under Community Relations Manager Dan "Walrus" Meyers for the purpose of providing live event feedback so that live events could be improved. LESIG is a group of volunteers who oringinally came upon zero scrutiny in applying for their job. However, when the Live Event Team was disbanded by SoE in the transition, LESIG were given the opportunity to act as organizational liaisons to the players since it was no longer possible for the organizational characters themselves to appear at random throughout the day. Liaisons are still volunteer players, and are not tasked with providing any storyline content. However, they are expected to be in-character 100% of the time with rare exception and are expected to provide members of their designated organization with dates, times, and locations of live events.
The original incarnation of LESIG was fraught with problems including identity leaks, manipulation of power, home-organization liaising, rare appearances by liaisons, and unnecessary demands. Some of this stems from LESIG having been a group not initially designed to help in providing storyline and live event content. As such, many of the original members of LESIG who functioned as liaisons have since been removed from the program, with some few exceptions including Merrit and MadHattah. Players were then given an opportunity to apply for LESIG placement by sending a PM on Data Node One to The_Assassin using a form application. This program, dubbed LESIG 2.0 has been in place for approximately 2 years, with no further applications being accepted at this time. LESIG 2.0, while generally accepted as more successful than the original project, has not been perfect, and has still resulted in some liaisons who are reluctant to log in and some others who have abused the program for personal or organizational gain. Notable instances of this manipulation of the program include a liaison on Recursion who had previously been removed from LESIG and was now liaising his home organization and a liaison on Syntax who reportedly received stacks of red pills, transferred them to his main character and sold them for an exorbitant ammount of money on the marketplace.
LESIG 2.0 has been criticized most harshly for its program leader, Ben "Rarebit" Chamberlain's, refusal to remove inactive liaisons from active duty.
Live Event Team
The team who previously provided Live Events in the Matrix by controlling characters like Morpheus, The Merovingian, Agent Gray, or the Oracle. The live events team has been disbanded as of the SoE transition. Developer Ben "Rarebit" Chamberlain currently plays all storyline characters, which has led to them being rebranded as LECs (or Live Event Characters) in some cases.
Type of exile that has shares the characteristics of werewolves. The werewolves affiliated with the Merovingian are led by Ookami.

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