The Landlord was a burly looking exile who is seen near a construction site in Creston Heights (-1016, 13, 558).

Mission Notes
The Deed Get a building permit from the Merovingian (person who has the permit had been kidnapped, and still wants to be paid).
The Dirty Deed Distract one of the landlord's competitors by killing off his staff and sabotaging the his (rival's) computer systems.
Just a Couple of Things Steal a "code destabilizer" and "asynchronous buffer loop" from a machine storage house.
Oh, I Almost Forgot Go back to the same storehouse and steal a “Jungian Compiler” and a bundle of “cerebral disharmonizers”.
Window Dressing Rescue a captured interior decorator hired by the Landlord and kill all of the kidnappers (as well as their leader Arlon- a competitor), and escort the decorator back to the Landlord.

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