Laying the Trap was the second Machinist mission in Episode 4.1: I think we can do business.

Script Edit

Agent Gray: Your assistance is required, Mr. Kennedy. We need to obtain some data on the Effectuator. Proceed to one of our laboratories. Dr. Chyu will give you a recording device. Â

I showed up at the lab and found Horis Chyu guarded by two Tactical Security SWAT guards. They eyed me, and cracked their knuckles. I took the recording device from Dr. Chyu . Â

Agent Gray: We are now sending you to a likely location of the Effectuator, or more... precisely, one of his projections. By coming within a certain distance of him, you will be able to capture data using the recording device. Â

I emerged from the elevator of the building to a silent scene. That floor was completely empty, not a stir was happening, not a soul was in sight. I left the scene. Â

Agent Gray: Clearly, the Effectuator's ability to project his RSI within the Matrix is going to make this a little... difficult. Through perseverance and dedication, you will accomplish your goals. Proceed to the next location. According to our calculations, it is likely that your target will be there. Â

I took Gray's word, and entered the next target building. There IÂ met a few new Lupines, the Dire Lupines. However, they met a certain fate, and I made my way to the room the Effectuator's signal was coming from. But he was already gone. Â

Operator: Goals for this area are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

Agent Gray: Although your efforts may seem futile, they are not, Mr. Kennedy. You have already been close enough to the Effectuator's residual fluctuations that we have collected some data. Now we must continue.

You are under the same orders at the next location. Presumably it is not necessary to repeat them.

[I think this time, we hit the jackpot.]

Operator: Okay, I've got a bunch of signals... I've definitely got the Effectuator in there... and it looks like he isn't headed anywhere yet. Get in there, quick! Â

I rushed through the building, doorway after doorway, constantly being bothered by Dire Lupines guarding the Effectuator's location. I barged through to the room with the Effectuator's signal and, much to my dismay, found nothing once more. Â

Operator: Goals for this area are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

Agent Gray: Quite satisfactory, Mr. Kennedy. We were able to collect some very useful data thanks to your efforts. We will be in contact soon regarding this assignment.

[Mission completed]

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