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Sony Online EntertainmentEdit

Node One
main site
the message boards

Matrix Online Fan Sites Edit

Podcasts Edit

Signal Boost (Podcast / Forum)
Your source for news, events and more from inside the Matrix Online. Signal Boost is a weekly podcast that covers news from both inside and outside of the game, including the latest news regarding live events, game updates, "ask a dev" thread summary and other features.

General Information Sites Edit

MxO Resource
general, up-to-date info
nice interactive maps
The Matrix Online Vault
general, up-to-date info
Zion HvCFT Argo
interactive hunting guide
Matrix Online OGaming
Matrix Stratics
The MxO Clothing Project
pre-CR2, but hey, its all about style

Radio Edit

Black Market Radio --
Enigma Underground --
Exile Radio Network --
Hardline Radio
RMC radiomegacity --
Split Infinity Radio --

Faction Sites Edit


Non-English Fan Sites Edit
Dutch fan site
Italian fan site

Matrix Movie Fan Sites Edit

General MMO Information Edit

Roleplaying Edit

Specialty SitesEdit

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