Lotus is an exile who is a sultry songstress found in The Jade Room in Jurong (-120, -6, -199). She has a natural ability to heal people with some of her songs.

Mission Notes
Carrying a Tune Carry a music CD from Binzel to Bessel (who was seriously injured during a fight with Lotus' enemies)- track 9 has a healing effect for her.
Change of Tune Recover an illegal copy of Lotus' music from a server and take it to someone. Stop the effects of the defected CD before too much harm is done.
Dissonance Plant a bug and then find the thieves who stole the song, find them and get the tape. Quickly get the tapes to those who need its healing effects.
Suicide Notes Obtain some samples of experimental work being done with the neural network effects of music. Deliver them to a group of some specified exiles.
Crescendo With a team of Lotus' operatives, overcome and attack a group who have been pirating Lotus' work (some are Vamps).

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