Madame T. (her real name: Naomi Tarasova) was a female redpill who became a fortuneteller within the Historic District (-1033, 1, -653).

Mission Notes
Starting Points Get some data from a nearby security office (fight a machine captain?) and drop it off with a cutout.
Inquiring Minds Get some data from a guarded exile, one way or another.
Emerald Wishes Raid the The Jeweler's assets to obtain a mystical emerald that Madam T. wants
Toil and Trouble Find an incantation (which will unleash the power of the gem) in Hypatia's archives and give it to her assistant. Afterwards corral 3 assistants to do the recital.
Infosweep Find The Chessman in Downtown in order to interpret them. Next is to catch a data spike.

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