Leader of the Blood drinkers (vampires), and henchman of the Merovingian. His Lupine counterpart was Ookami.

Biography Edit

Insurrection against the Merovingian Edit

He, along with the Lupine leader at one time attempted to form a coup on their master, only to have been usurped by his own gang member, Invalesco. The three betrayers were captured by the Merovingian, and malphas and Ookami were back serving him.

Chapter 7.2 Edit

During 7.2, The Apothecary chided Malphas for security shortcomings which resulted in an attack by the Cypheritesb in Westview, while she was being guarded by Malphas' vamps.

Chapter 7.3.2Edit

In the next chapter, the merovingian began his next phase of the oracle's assassination by sending Malphas and some operatives to crack a Zion email system in order to infiltrate the kill code into the Zion mainframe.

Chapter 8.1.5Edit

During chapter 8.1.5, he and a few operatives won back a feather belonging to Seraph, which was stolen by his speculated kind. he then revealed a bit of Seraph's backstory.

Chapter 8.2.4Edit

Upon hearing the calculation from Sunshine with the use of the general's sentinel data amd surveillance, that the machines might use 1/16th of the Earth's surface for pod clusters, Malphas suspected that the machines must have 300 million pods worldwide. The merovingian, however, thought that something did not add up.

Chapter 9.1.1-9.1.2Edit

After a strange wire-framed intruder known as Halborn appearaed in the Matrix, the merovingian introduced Halborn to other exiles including Malphas. The intruder appeared to be mildly interested in those exiles, but mentioned that he was familiarwith exile programs and histpory of the matrix.

Chapter 9.3.2Edit

In Chapter 9.3.2, one of the members of the Archivists polled the operatives regarding their opinions of the new Datamine construct. Malphas pondered if there was another motive for the recently increased activity from the Archivists, besides their usual profit making from archived historical data.

Chapter 10.2.1Edit

During Chapter 10.2.1, Malphas designed a program which when inserted into bluepills, it would form a wide broadcast array with the EEG wiring and energy fields from the pod-borns. The programs were inserted into the bluepills by Merv operators. However, this resulted in an insufficient signal generated to find the general, whose communication was relatively weak within the no-fly zone.

Chapter 10.3.5Edit

During Chapter 10.3.5, the Effectuator threw a "Biological Interface Party" at The Sanguine Room, which includedOokami and Malphas costume contests.

Trivia Edit

  • In demon mythology, "Malphas" was the great president (or prince) of Hell. This ties in well with the matrix online, seeing as though the merv is the king of Hell and is Malphas' superior.

Gallery Edit

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