Mandarin was a member of the Spectrum Siblings and can be found hanging out in his club, The Lynchpin in Lucero Point (-256, 1, -306).

Mission Notes
Angels and Daemons Get some rare data, by seeking Taylot Yamin, a librarian program (good at tracking down things). Then seek Anahit and defeat his henchmen and he'll lead you to it.
Broken Connection Check out why one of the Mandarin's contacts broke off.
Far From Home Distract Amber's goal of obtaining the artefact by killing some of her men, and send the head of their leader to one of her chief lieutenants.
Flutter Away, Little Bird Talk to Mockingbird (and Blog)to obtain some information about Mandarin's artefact.
Compression Artifact Find the artifacts (hidden in a crate at one of the two warehouses). Take the artiface from Nightingale and take it to a contact.

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