Mara is a neighborhood near the northwest corner of Richland, just south of Uriah. It is a rundown area of homes and businesses around a central Plaza.


The Mara neighborhood is located in the north area of the Slums, just south of the waterfront industrial area and west of Achan (an area well known as a cesspool of vice). Mara is so licentious as Achan, but it compensates with a culture of violence. Of all the neighborhoods of the Slums, Mara may be one of the most saturated with Exile gangs.

Mara is also the gateway neighborhood for several destinations. Bridges span from Mara to the City's Downtown and across the waterway to Westview. In addition, Mara is one way to reach the Uriah Industrial Park, and area that has evolved into a dangerous "free fire zone" since the truce was signed. Many groups use the warehouse area as a place to settle their disputes with violence, and to reach it they must travel through Mara, meeting other redpills and exile gangs, each ready to draw blood with little provocation.

Access Node
Clubs Polyvinyl
Collectors Loripor
Machine Investigator
Contacts Sister Margaret at (191,27,-342) in the Mara church.
Gangs Blackwoods
Hardlines Central at (171, 5, 22)
Northwest at (78, 1, 138)
South at (392, 1, -214)
West at (-64, 1, -71)
Signal Boosters Roof at (89, 73, 6) near central and northwest hardline.
Subways Red line
Vendors Alsaud (Item)
Helu (Weapons)
Ka-shing (Clothing)
Meek (Coder)
Pickman (Hacker)
Slosh (Operative)
Polyvinyl Vendor

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