Redpill Rescue (1.1.3)
Title Redpill Rescue (1.1.3)
number {{{number}}}
Episode Episode 1.1: "Care for a Cookie?"
Location {{{location}}}
Mission Supplying
Faction Zionites
Mission giver Tyndall
Mission type Courier Mission
Mission Arc
Previous Recruit with Machines
Next Ch. 1.2: Sympathy From a Friend

Mission transcript Edit

Tyndall: In the interests of maintaining harmony with the Machines, we would like you to work with them on this simple courier mission. Diplomacy will be the key here. We cannot afford a confrontation with our forces so weakened by the War. You will be meeting up with a Machine Operative that we have heard from. They will act as backup for you on this courier run. Our contact is known as Andrew Copley. He and his colleague will be assisting you. Get moving, {username}

Operator: This is where Andrew Copley is waiting for you. Once you've met up with the Machine Operative, head to the drop-off point.

Operator: I can't believe this! The Machine operatives are attacking! Defend yourself!

Agent: {username} sighted.

Operator: Wait... did an Agent kill another program here ? This doesn't add up...

Operator: It looks like Andrew Copley still had the package on him when he was terminated. i wonder why these Agents would terminate a fellow program...

Operator: That's the package that we need. We still need you to get it to Armadillo, escort or not.

Operator: Goals for this area are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

Tyndall: Get to the drop off point. i'm sending you the location now.

Operator: This is where you'll be meeting up with Armadillo. This is who will be taking the package from you.

Armadillo: I'm glad you've made it. Ill take the package from you now...

Armadillo: Thank you, {username}

Tyndall: Press on, Warrior. With each assignment you bring Zion closer to true freedom

[Mission End]

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