Well, crap... Looks like good old screw-up Anome is back... This is what he said at the beginning:

Anome: "We've tracked down the location of the Effectuator's inner circle. The noose is closing around his withered neck, and you're gonna be the hangman. Once he's out of the way, Zion will take over the constructs he controlled, cutting off a major section of the Merovingian's power base. Then we'll watch the diseased Frenchman twist in his own leather straps."

So I went to a building where I was supposed to search three computers to trace the Effectuator back to his mainframe. All the computers said was just binary code (101010) so there's no point in typing/added a picture.

I finished searching the computer and left the building, where Anome told me this:

Anome: "While we're tracing the Effectuator's computer network, you're going to go get a little present for our doddering old friend- payback for something he gave us recently, if you will."

So I went to this other building to pick up a virus for someone named Anacost. There were also a couple of other Zion people there and one of them had something to say about the virus the Effectuator gave us:

Zionite: "Did you hear about the virus that hit Anome? He ordered some operative to upload captured data to him, but he neglected to activate his firewall's viral scanning routines. (N)How that is just blatant incompetence! I don't know what Niobe sees in him; I think the guy's mental."

Well, that makes two of us... But anyways I go to the Anacost chick and this is what she says:

Anacost: "Ah, yeah. Anome told me you were coming. We've got a special virus prepared for you. Just put this in a computer on the target's network, and within about five seconds they will wish they'd never had a network to begin with. Satisfaction guaranteed or you money back! Go ahead, take it."

So, I took the virus from Anacost and left.

When I left the building, Anome said this to me:

Anome: "Hahaha! We've got that crotchety, **bleep** now! Once you get that virus in his systems, not only will it blaze a trail for us back to his mainframe, but if will also destroy his control mechanism for the Merovingian's private constructs. Oh, I can't wait to see the look on the Effectuator's face as his systems destroy themselves before his rheumy old eyes!"

So I went to the next location and had to kill about ten freakin' dire lupines and then inserted the virus into a computer. Then, my Operator told me that Zion had sent some back up for the assault and they were in another room- gee, thanks! Good thing I'd already killed them all... So I went and got the two Zion people to follow me out of the building. When I left, Anome said this:

Anome: "This is it! The virus has traced a path back to the Effectuator's base, and must be trashing his data as we speak. Break in there and finish the geezer off! Make it hurt..."

So the two Zion people and I go to the next location to eliminate the Effectuator. When we get there we have to kill a ton of those darn dire lupines, which actually killed the two Zion people, so I was on my own... But then I finally got into the room with the Effectuator, and this is where the SMITH BUSINESS starts. I talked to the Effectuator and he said this:

Effectuator: "And so we meet again. I have to say, operative, that I didn't think you'd be this much..."

But then he stops and another Effectuator appears in the same room and starts off where the other one was talking- just like how Smith did when he was talking to Neo in the second film.

"... of an annoyance. Kudos to you. However, surely you realize by now..."

"...that you can't actually harm my root programs. Oh, dear me, no. You'd have..." â?oâ?¦to hack a major part of several backbone servers in order to do that. You might as wellâ?¦â? â?oâ?¦try rewriting Downtown into a theme park, while you're at it. So you see, you've reallyâ?¦â? â?oâ?¦Just managed to waste a good deal of time for both of us. You won't get to the Merovingianâ?¦â? â?oâ?¦through me, that much I can tell you. Now, I will bid you good day. We won't see each other again for quite some time. Don't bother collecting your hired ruffians; I've tidied them up for you.â?¤t=screens¤t=screens

So then with that done, my operator said this:

Operator: "Uh... I'm out of ideas. Anome was thinking that zapping his computers would make him vulnerable, I guess, but obviously that hasn't happened."

Then as I was leaving I decided to click on the Effectuator again, and each one of them said good-bye to me in a different language:

"oArrivederci...Au revior...Auf wiedersehen...Adis...Adeus...Don't let the door hit you in the *CENSORED* on your way out.... Vaarwel..."

So I left the building, which ending the mission. Anome finished up by saying this:

Anome: "What? What d'you mean, you couldn't touch him? We melted down his control systems! He has nothing left! Nothing! I-I-I...You've got a lot of explaining to do! This must be Tyndall's fault. She said she didn't think it would work... What did she know? She's holding out on me! We'll just see what her precious Commander Lock thinks of this when I march into his office and explain it to him! Stay by your phone, operative- I'm not done with you yet, either."

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