Mockingbird is an exile who can be found in the midle of a city block in Gracy Heights (-720, 1, -1507).

Mission Notes
Posession Steal a couple of candlesticks from a provider, and later from two "potential buyers.".
All We Ever Wanted was Everything Get some information on a different artifact from a traffic Control Program (had the knoewledge about the flow of items.) Then go to the next contact Alvarez who attacks with his group.
Dark Entries Steal a painting from Digger so it can be traded it to Hypatia in return for the Circle of Cernunnos (Man Kempner runs the art gallerys).
Exquisite Corpse Collect the Circlet for Mockingbird, with an opposition of Digger's Crushers.
n the Night Steal the cat statue from Amber and her organization.

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