Moriah Projects is a neighborhood near the northeast corner of Richland, just south of Tabor Park. It is a large high rise housing project, which has seen better days. The local gang seems firmly in control of the projects.


Access Node
Clubs The Sanguine Room
Collectors Jack
Contacts Molly B at (745, 6, -259)
The Bag Lady at (1096, 7, -17)
Gangs Crushbones
Hardlines Central at (858, 6, -145)
East at (1156, 6, 49)
North at (1002, 0, 119)
Signal Boosters Plaza at (1069, 7, -157) near club entrance.
Subways Red line
Vendors Arison(Item)
Dolstev (Coder)
Klatten (Clothing)
Milton (Hacker)
Presser (Operative) (north of plaza)
Redstone (Weapons)
Archivist Broker (Zion) (Stat Hack and archive tickets)
Sanguine Vendor

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