Mr. Bishop was an exile contact who is the founder and leader of Bishop Imports. He can be found outside his building and in Ueno (near the plaza) (-196, 3, 88).

Mission Notes
The Hunter Collect a set of gems from some merv redpills, s well as a statue belonging to Agent Gray, and place them in a wall safe.
Unravel Travel to Chukokkula to receive a already paid for package and drop it to Bach.
Heirloom Pick up Bishop's associate, Jellyfish, and bring him safely to the Chotte Brothers Imports Offices
Play Dead Pay Digger in order to give Bishop an artefact that he had found and to give a fake one to The Collector. Give the relic (a special VHS tape) to an archiving program in bishop's employ. (There is an easy way to fighting the guardians to Digger).
Cold Sweat Break into The Collector's place, take the fake one and replace it with the altered original.

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