Mr. Po is an exile who can be found in a street corner in Kowloon (226, -4, 424).

Mission Notes
Shadow Play

1.peruse through 3 computers in an exiles service agency (involving people, 1st one showing a distraught redpill) 2. Find the Machines office where they have been monitoring those services (trying to run sweeps for any traces of regret in the population). 3. Find Captain Wasar and an aide in an abandoned redpill extraction centre, read his journals and look at the computer there.

Incubation Contact and escort a bluepill to a destination.
Isolation Rescue a redpill and return him to Zion. (protect him from the Zionist Captain who blames the redpill for killing his wife)
Leaders of Men Find and kill a traitor in his organization, who is in one of three specified areas.
New Dawn Fades A Zionite operative wants to switch. Escort the defector to a hardline, help him in the Real, and purloin and upload a virus into the defector's old hovercraft crew via a nearby computer

Quotes Edit

  • “An inquisitive mouse finds many morsels the further afield he looks. I am an old and hungry mouse. Go to these addresses and search their computers for tasty bits.”
  • “Nothing so lightens the heart as when a fool awakens from his folly. Still, more must be revealed. Continue your search”.
  • “That which is hidden can never know the light. That which lives in the light will never know peace. The search continues.”
  • “Wisdom lights the path and Strength walks it”
  • “The path to enlightenment begins with a single step. The purpose of the rabbit will become clear to you in time.”
  • “opportunity is made, not found”
  • “As a diseased finger must be struck off, so must a toxin be rid from the body.”
  • “A lamb has gone astray and a good shepherd knows to bring it back to the flock”
  • “that which all men fear...”
  • “Just so. We are whole”.

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