Flood contacts one of his operatives and announces that the EMCP device is ready for testing. The Merovingian operative meets up with a contact who has a few of the prototype devices. Within the location they meet up, the Merovingian operative glances a look at a nearby computer. Scientists within assure the operative that any feedback from the EMCP devices has been mostly eliminated.

Computer: Report 1AJ25: Test subjects exposed to EMCP signal Survival of targets: 4% Survival of users: 85% Analysis: Acceptable

With the contact in tow, Flood assigns a new location to his operative. The new location contains some of the General’s commandos Flood has successfully tracked.

Arriving at the commando’s site, the Merovingian operative briefly engages the commandos, however the fighting is cut short as the EMCP device is activated. Every commando on site drops like flies. The first test is a complete success.

Flood gives a second location to his operative for another test. Everything happens as before, except after the EMCP device is activated the contact using the device is visibly injured.

Hyene Contact: Damn! That smarted...

Flood: Come to think of it, one of those scientists did mention something about “Feedback”... very interesting. You’d better get our contact over to one of our labs, for study of the, ah, things that... ah... Well, you probably wouldn’t understand.

The Merovingian operative drops the contact off at the lab, and does some snooping. Hacking into one of the lab computers the operative finds this data:

Activity Log:
-2307: logged in as SEuser
-2315: access to server “PubServices” established
-2318: access to database “DBMisPers” established
-2319: tables deleted
-2329: connection terminated

The scientists swear to look further into the feedback issue in the EMCP devices.

Flood declares the test an unqualified success. Disks containing codes for the portable Electro-Magnetic Code Pulse devices are distributed among Merovingian operatives. Collectors are stationed around the city to convert these codes into the devices themselves.

Mobs Edit

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