Agent Gray: Anome is eliminating his former acquaintances, both friends and enemies. We are in the process of contacting all known former associates.

One individual is particularly interesting: Abetti. She serves the Merovingian. Apparently Anome has known to have some sort of dealings with her. Go to her location and learn what you can.

Upon arriving at the location, I was met with several Elite Guards, and no Abetti.

Elite Guard: So, you're with them too? You'll die as well before you find her.

Operator: **bleep**! No sign of Abetti... Maybe she got wind of us coming, and set up this little encounter. Anyhow, get out of here and we'll see what Gray has for us.

Agent Gray: Our surveillance of Abetti shows that she is fleeing through the neighborhood attempting to escape. Proceed to the indicated location and... detain her.

Operator: More signals here... don't expect to just find Abetti sitting there waiting for you.

Elite Guard: Your powers aren't going to get you what you want this time!

Operator: It seems like we're not the exact ones they were waiting for. You don't think--? Get out of there, now!

Agent Gray: Your operator may very well be correct, Mr. Kennedy. Move to the next location with all haste. We must reach Abetti before any other... interested parties.

Operator: It doesn't look good in there, Cap0ne. I'm reading dead bodies, and... **bleep**. That code signature. Get in there and check it out.

Operator: Plenty of dead bodies, but none of them Abetti. I guess that's a relief, in a way.

Agent Gray: A scan of a nearby area just registered another instance of the strange code signature. Undoubtedly you will find Abetti there as well. Proceed there with all haste and procure her for us before anyone else does the same.

Operator: That code signature is all over the place in there, along with plenty of hostiles. Get in there and find Abetti!

Inside, I found a group of Anome-affiliated redpills, and Abetti under attack. I jumped into battle to defeat the attackers before they took Abetti down. Once the attackers were subdued, Abetti took her last breath.

Abetti: Anome... that... motherless bas--

Operator: No! So **bleep** close. See if you can find anything of interest in there, and then get out.

Agent Gray: How unfortunate. If only Abetti could have supplied us with some useful information before her death. We shall be in communication soon, Mr. Kennedy.

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