Flood completes decoding the data found on the disk, and learns that the Cypherites ran further traces on the Union Hill Cryptos box job. Believing the Cypherites could be on their trail, Flood quickly assigns an operative to meet with the Cypherites to attempt to patch things up to save the deal held between the two organizations.

Arriving at a known Cypherite base, the Merovingian operative moves in prepared to talk with them. Unfortunately the find the entire base empty. Flood sends the operative onwards to another known base. However once again this move is hopeless, and the Cypherite Base is empty. Flood, frustrated, once again sends his operative to another Cypherite base.

The third Cypherite base is full of masked, but they donâ?Tt seem to agree to talk rather electing to open fire on the Merovingian operative. The operative battles through the Cypherite base, collecting a rather large body count. Finally the operative escapes the base.

Veil contacts Flood to abuse him for the betrayal. The deal between the Cypherites and the Merovingian is cancelled. Flood notes the Merovingian will not be pleased.

iRomav 01-23-2006, 09:42 AM

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