Operative discipline

Operative discipline

Depends on Awakened
Leads to Spy

The Operative discipline is one of the disciplines that can be chosen after going through the Awakened discipline. This tree is specific for combat. This could be considered a class similar to that of the warrior etc.

Awakened AbilitiesEdit

Level Ability Requires Description
1 Combat Insight Awakened Increases Force combat influence
1 Hindering Shot Combat Insight (1) requires pistol, use ability to slow down and damage an target.
1 Intensify Damage Combat Insight (1) Increase melee and ballistic damage for a short time.
1 Compel Close Combat Intensify Damage (1) Increase your ability to force enemies into an interlock.
1 Operative Intensify Damage
Combat Insight (2)
Hindering Shot
Increases your sitting health regen rate and grant the operative upgrade ability.

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