Flood: It seems Morpheus discovered a way to damage the Matrix -- internally. This ability of his is a threat to our very existence... However, if we control that ability we could become quite powerful; perhaps powerful enough to take control of the matrix from within. Information can be found that will aid us uncover the methods that Morpheus is using.

The Merovingian requires this information, which is why we are sending you in. We want you to visit this location and search the place for documents, files, anything that can help us shed more light on this newfound ability of his. Is this clear? Good. Do it.

[NPCs; ]

  • Zion karate grandmaster,
  • Zion Expert Rifleman
  • Zion Duellist: Exile scum!
  • Zion Ballista: Morpheus' files have been stolen!

Operator: listen up, {redpill_name}. it appears Morpheus has been stashing documents at this location. Keep in mind that this is a Zion operated area so you will run into some opposition.

Operator: I bet that key goes to the filing cabinet...

Operator: Be sure to search your fallen opponents for objects or items that might be of help to us.

Operator: The documents might be inside that filing cabinet.

Operator: That must be what Morpheus was hiding here. Take the document!

Operator: Wait a minute, this isn't what we're looking for... I'm going to look over it

Operator: Goals for this mission phase are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

Flood: It appears you found yet another address to yet another location... I tire of this.

I'm sending you there now to continue your search. Get moving.

Operator: This is a Machine controlled office complex that acts as a front for some of their operations. I can only assume the Machines stole the documents from Morpheus. Search the whole place; from corner to corner. leave no filing cabinet closed and no safe unlocked!

Operator: This key could be what we need to find the stolen data.

Operator: That file that you just picked up states that the data stolen from Morpheus is hidden in a safe here.

Operator: You just set of the security alarm! Guards are headed your way right now!

Operator: That's what we were looking for. Take the disk!

Operator: I'll download that from you now...

Operator: Goals for this mission phase are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

Darleen Anselm: Uhm, are you new here?

Adrian Quay: i don't know if i'm happy here... The hours are long and the benefits suck.

Darleen Anselm:we get a lot of vacation time though. I wouldn't worry about it.

Flood: Another one of our missions draws in an end. The light at the end of this tunnel is quite intrigueing.

I shall be in contact with you, {redpill_name}.

[Mission completed]

NPCs Edit

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