At christmas several snowmen appeared around megacity that would sell you a certain type of snowball, if you went round and collected each type of snowball and then went to a club e.g. poly vinyl there was a new vendor there that would trade you the snowballs for some hats there were two main types. Party hats and holiday hats.

Party hats were mainly for looking nice, they were black, silver and gold and if you wore them and then used the hat it would fire confetti out of the top and make a noise.

Holiday hats turned your status to festive, just like if you become off balance etc. If you were festive it meant you could throw snowballs at anyone who was also festive. If you hit someone with a snowball it reduced the purity of their holiday hat until it was destoryed which would make them go none festive and then wouldnt be able to throw snowballs.

All of this was taken out after the new year, no more snowmen, or hat vendors. There are still people with the hats (me being one) and snowballs, but right now they are useless other than to look nice. Hopefully they will add the hats and snowballs back in this christmas.

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