Erin Paine Thomas was a Doctor for the Morrell Hospital in Downtown. Saving people was his job. Dr. Thomas' life was a practically normal with an exceedingly balanced income from his steady professional job. He was married to Jasmine Thomas for six years with two kids. During an average dinner time with his family, Dr. Thomas received a page from the hospital about a coma patient suddenly missing. Dr. Thomas' mental connection stability percentage with the simulation then slowly decreased from looking at the surveillance tapes of the patient, "Sarah Edmonton," walk out of the hospital. News clippings and television broadcasts of this strange mysterious miracle affected Dr. Thomas severely. He seemed to question the world around him. However, even though Dr. Thomas wasn't fully aware of absolutely everything about this and sometimes miracles do happen in the eyes of a professional Doctor, Agents were still spawned to meet with Dr. Thomas to find out exactly how much Erin knew.

Dr. Thomas cooperated with the Agents procedures, and they left him be. Things seemed to go back to normal for a bit. Well, the normal being the strange clans, gangs, and organized crime in the mist of all the street violence. Dr. Thomas' life wasn't in any harm and nor was his family's. Him, his wife and his two boys seemed to be well protected away from the street violence and continued to do just as they did six years ago; pay the bills. Dr. Thomas' job went back to its normal sick patients, ER emergencies, and some loss lives, however the evening he received a strange message on his Hospital Alert PDA was when his life changed. The message read:"Erin, the Matrix Has You. Meet me at the hospital." Late that evening as his children went to sleep and he told his wife a well thought up lie to not come to bed, he made his way out to the hospital. Therefore making the choice he soon regretted.

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