Propaganda (Episode 1.2.2)
Title Propaganda (Episode 1.2.2)
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Episode Episode 1.2: "Why Won't They Give Up His Remains?"
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Mission Supplying
Faction Merovingians
Mission giver Flood
Mission type
Mission Arc
Previous Poster Hunt
Next Turf of Vengeance

Flood: Morpheus has been observed putting up propaganda posters in the Matrix. Much to the disdain of the Merovingian these messages are bringing our Machine programs to our doorstep. we need you to locate these posters and tear them down. I will send you the address of one of these two locations now, but be on your guard; Zion Operatives could still be there.

Operator: There are at least three posters. Don't leave a single piece of propaganda hanging!

Operator: You have been spotted by the camera! be on your guard for the Zion Operatives!

Operator: I hope removing these posters helps keep the Agents at bay.

Flood: Excellent work. we have one more location for you to hit.

[Goals for this area are complete Find nearest exit quickly.]

Flood: I am sending you the address of the final location. you will run into more dreadful Zion operatives.

Operator: Inside the building you will find five more posters. we need the entire place wiped of Morpheus' propaganda.

Operator: All posters have been torn down!

Operator: Goals for this mission phase are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

Flood: This is all for now {redpillname}.

[Mission completed]

NPCs Edit

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