Protection Racket
Title Protection Racket
number {{{number}}}
Episode Episode 1.2
Mission Supplying
Faction Zionites
Mission giver Tyndall
Mission type
Mission Arc
Previous Unexpected Alliances
Next Redpill Rescue Revisited (Episode 1.2)

Tyndall: Warrior, I'm not sure that you already know of these imposter Agents with electronic light implants in their ears. Real machine Agents value bluepills as power supplies, and don't harass them . But these impostors kill our redpill operatives and bluepills alike, and are causing a great deal of trouble for our brave recruitment teams. You're mission is to protect a recruitment team and their potential recruit from these false Agents. If we allow this harassment to continue, our recruitment efforts will bear no fruit and Zion itself will wither and die!

Tyndall: One of our recruiters, Birch and his potential recruit, Jeanmarie Ferrol have been surrounded by false Agents in that building. {redpillname}, i need you to defeat the imposters and then lead Birch and Jeanmarie Ferrol to a nearby extraction point . Do not let them fall at the hands of the impostor Agents!

Operator: Birch and Jeanmarie Ferrol have locked themselves in the far room to protect thesmelves from the marauders.

Tyndall: Good work, {redpill_name}. These imposter Agents cannot withstand the might of Zion!

Tyndall: You've destroyed all of the imposter Agents! {redpill_name}, you are a true warrior of Zion.

Tyndall: Your careful search has paid off, Warrior! The key should open the door to the room in which Birch and Jeanmarie Ferrol have locked themselves.

Tyndall: You've found them! great job, Warrior. Now lead them safely out of the building and to the extraction point nearby.

Birch: Thanks, operative! i couldn't fight all of those Agents whilse still protecting Jeanmarie Ferrol, so i had to lock us in here. Lets get back to Zion now. You've found them ! great job, Warrior. Now lead them safely out of the building and to the extraction point nearby.

Jeanmarie Ferrol: Wow, you're a real fighter from Zion. Please, take me with you! I want to learn how to fight Agents like you.

Tyndall: Excellent work, warrior. The extraction point is nearby -- I'm uploading the location to you now.

Tyndall: The extraction point is in that building . you've almost got our people back to Zion!

Tyndall: Great work, operative! your job is done here, leave it to the extraction team team to get our our recruiter and his new soldier to Zion.

Operator: Goals for this area are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

Location: Lucero Point

Zion Gunman: extracting humans (from) the Matrix takes special training. We're a crack team, so no worries.

Zion gunman: Alrighty, thanks for bringing them in. We'll get them to Zion (safe) and sound.

Zion Guardian Patcher: Thank you, {redpill_name}. We'll get them to Zion safely.

Jeanmarie Ferrol: I can't beleive im finally goin to see Zion!

Birch: Thanks for your help, {redpill_name}.

Tyndall: {Redpill_name}, I was worried that the enemy force might be too strong , but i can see that i worried needlessly . The impostor agents are no match for your skills.

[Mission Completed]

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