Raini was a female exile belonging to the Elements family.She can be found standing to the side of Jacob's Ladder in Apollyon (637, 9, -1684).

Mission Notes
Careful What You Wish For Recover hijacked data (named "Thalia") from a lost courier (someone on a computer in one of the three sites) and complete the delivery.
Wetwork Kill two groups of exiles (1 group is in the home of two bluepills, killing one of them)
The Next Big Thing Get a something from a cat named Arkansas and deliver it to a building next door.
Always When You Are Not Watching Go to the crime scene of a theft of some of her items, find it and deliver vengence on those looters.
Adrenaline Junkie Visit one of Argon's minions for a fix. When revealed that the minion is out of business, go to Beryl's safehouse and take a few fixes.

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