Redpill Rescue (1.1.1)
Title Redpill Rescue (1.1.1)
number {{{number}}}
Episode Episode 1.1
Mission Supplying
Faction Zionites
Mission giver Tyndall
Mission type Courier Mission
Mission Arc
Previous Redpill Rescue
Next Mechanical Harmony

Tyndall: The Machines claim they are innocent of breaking the truce. They say they can prove it by helping us stop these so called imposters. We need you to hook up with one of their teams and protect a potential redpill contact. I don't know about you, but I think this is strange. Machines actually helping us recruit... A few Machine Operatives are guarding our man, Dallas Vandenberg, at this location. Just meet up with The programs and Dallas Vandenberg to the REP and extract him from the Matrix.

Operative: The code that I'm seeing pass by isn't what I was expecting... The Machine Operatives may have upgraded or changed somehow. I don't know for sure if these are Machine Operatives or not, as the signatures that i'm seeing are those of programs.

Operative: What the...?! Have the Machines betrayed us?! Show them that Zion will not go down quietly!

Team:Agent: Destroy the humans.

Team:Agent: You will not leave, human.

Operative: Oh no... that must be Dallas Vandenberg! Those bastards killed him! Get out of there before more show up and they kill you as well.

Operative: Something is terribly wrong...

Tyndall: Maybe we'll have better luck next time, {username}.

[Mission Completed]

NPCs Edit

  • Agent: Strike hard; Strike fast

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