Flood contact the operative to whom he had asked to find the bag.

Flood: With the suitcase in the possession of Zion, and now ... something else happened ... The boss wants to talk to you.

The operative, feeling that it is serious, dark where Flood asked him to go. He finds the place very secure by troops of exiles Blood-Drinkers. In the midst of the guards: the Merovingians.

Merovingian: I can be a very boss uses. Provided that you give information, yes? But you do not bring me anything. No briefcase, and now we have something new: the Key has been stolen from the shareholders of Silver by operations of Zion. I was going to steal that key. When they have stolen the key to Silver, they have also stolen from me. Each action builds a connection string, right? And at the end of the string, you. My agent of vengeance. You'll strike a blow against Zion. You teach them not to steal what is rightfully mine. Flood will give you the information you need. Go now!

Flood is amazed how the meeting took place, he expected worse. He asked the soldier was from meeting other people in the pay of the Merovingian to prepare something against Zion.

The group participated in the meeting Zionites and have orders to kill everyone. Once that is done, they discover a computer:

Computer ZionOS branch command Ezsi: ~ / hack> gzcs 5xterm.d-L / Usr/X11/lib /-lXmu-lxt-LSM -Lice-lXext-lX11-lc ezsi: ~ / hack>. / a.out bash #

...But it has not yet been found. We are sure she is looking after us. The name can not be a coincidence. This appears to be a fake but we ...

They leave without having found anything better.

Flood: Well, at least you did not make a mess ... You'll still need you for some little time. After this story with the kit and the key, I do not think the Merovingian is in a very good mood today.

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