Agent Gray: Our search for Cacophony is complete, Mr. Kennedy. It has yielded no direct results. We can only conclude that "Cacophony" is actually a code name of sorts; the identity of its owner has apparently been a well-kept secret. We are left with one option; an option of last resort. Before you go there, however, we must line up something as a gesture of... goodwill. Collect some data from Agent Long.

I didn't know what he was talking about, but I met with Agent Long and collected the data he gave me.

Agent Gray: Your contact is at this location. Deliver the disk to her bodyguard and then meet with her.

Bodyguard...? I was met with a surprise.

Seraph: So, you have arrived. Do you have the list of programs, and their locations?

I gave him the data disk.

Seraph: You have delivered what you promised. You have my thanks... this amnesty could not go to more deserving programs. The Oracle will see you now.

The Oracle: I've been expecting you. Seems like the Machines lost something; something important. I've got to wonder why they didn't take better care of it in the first place, if it was so important. But then this wouldn't be the first time, would it? Cacophony. Someone who doesn't like peace and quiet. Someone who thinks that if they make enough noise, they can control things. Make things turn out the way they want them to. Sound like anyone you know? Sounds to me like the General.

Things were finally starting to make sense.

Seraph: You have another piece of the puzzle, but it is not yet complete. Good luck, Cap0ne.

Thanks, Seraph.

Agent Gray: As usual, working with the Oracle is... unsettling. No hard data has been supplied, logic is ignored, a high value is placed upon "intuition"... Regardless, we shall pursue this further. It is the only lead we have.

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