Rickshaw was a residental contact located in Kaede, in the International district (90, 1, -300)

Mission Notes
Mistaken Identity Make a delivery to a contact of his. Even though he misnames the contact and that the sponsor does not know of Rickshaw, in doing so, win the Exiles Underground Games.
Let the Games Begin Deliver a package to Caroline, leader of the Sisters of Fate, along the way freeing her from the Ventriloquist, by finding a trance dance CD.
Replay Help one of Rickshaw's operatives, who has her hands on a desired device, then kill the Necromancer and the undead operative.
Out of Bounds Loot and defeat the Chameleon, which was stolen from Rickshaw (The White Knight Virus?).
Game Over? Steal and obtain some lost plans from a safe (in the process confront the main adversary Captain North)

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