Rose is a member of the Spectrum Siblings exiles and can be found in Southard (-323, 1, -1571).

Mission Notes
Guardian Angel Enter the building where the computer is being hacked Violet's team, grabbing the data and tripping the alarm to warn Violet's team to stay out.
The Tie That Binds Take Rose's package to Mandarin.
Loyalty Rescue michealangelo from the Guillotines gang and wipe the security feed from their cameras.
Milk Run Pick up some data from Rose's friend, Gwenda Watson and deliver it to a certain address.
Hurt Feelings delete some information from mandarin's computer before he can use it against his brother Indigo. Remember not to hurt anyone.

Missions chats Edit

Guardian Angel Edit

The Ties that Bind Edit

Loyalty Edit

Milk Run Edit

Hurt feelings Edit

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