Ruth is an exile in the Elements family. She can be found in between the Projects (1007, 04, -1411).

Mission Notes
Rescue Blue Rescue a bluepill from 5 harassing bullies (Elite Guards) that have camped outside his apartment.
Viper’s Nest Insert a virus into Thallia's network to throw her social calendar in disarray, and "taking her down a peg".
Gadget Grab Investigate what Silver is up to.
Poison the Well insert a virus into Silver's computer network that adjusts the data flow so that the prototype decompiler does not work trying to decompile bluepills.
Both Ends Against the Middle Distract Silver by exposing his research to Tick Tock in order to create a fight between them. (added complication when contact for Tick Tock is killed and replaced by an impersonator who attacks you.)

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