Alignment: Zion

Server: Recursion

Web Site:

SM-Networks was formed from a single crew within The Matrix. We quickly formed great relationships with each other and other freed minds. Working together, we performed many great missions, met many influential people, including the likes of Morpheus, Niobe and Seraph. We got stronger by the day, but there was a problem waning..

The Bushido hovercraft was nearly full. Living quarters were cramped. We were running out of room! After a few discussions, we decided to make our first big step. the crew split and formed 2. We salvaged as many spare parts as we could and reconstructed an old ship. We christened it "Liquid Fire". A new crew was born. The two captains agreed that they should form the SM-Networks faction

The problem was solved. We recruited new redpills and grew further. A third crew was formed - Tengu. Then a fourth - Exodous Machina.

It was around this time that the truce began to waver. Morpheus was desperately trying to recover Neos' body, while everyone else was trying to stop with from destroying the truce. We had a big decision to make. Cmdr. Lock believed that Morpheus was not acting in the best interests of Zion, and that he should be considered as a renegade. We couldn't accept this ...surely Morpheus knew what he was doing? We aided him in his efforts to recover as many of Neos' RSI frags as possible. With our, and others help, Morpheus succeeded in his quest. However we had realized that, in our eyes, Morpheus was more authorities than Lock. We had to be careful. We needed to have a good reputation with the Zion Council, but at the same time, we needed to assist those who needed our help.

We will aid Morpheus and his allies in any way we can. If we are helping to unbalance the truce, then so be it. We have survived 100 years of all out war against the machines, we're sure we can last a little longer...

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