Seduction Missions Edit

Seduction missions are sets of specific critical missions which all players must go through when first selecting an organization to work for within the Matrix. They are labelled as "seduction" missions because the organization in question is attempting to seduce you to their side. Seduction missions are the first missions for which it is possible to gain reputation points with an organization.

Zion Edit

The End of the Beginning
Rescue a couple of Bluepills held hostage.
Second Thoughts
Escort a troubled Zion operative to a hardline.
Just Another Pretty Face
Rescue a kidnapped Zion operative with extreme prejudice.
Moving Target
Gather information from Bluepills for upload.
Rescue a crew of operatives from the Merovingian.
Liberation of the Theses
Collect some documents.
Signal Loss
Deliver a virus to a Merovingian operative; interrupted by tracking down an exile blocking communications to your operator.
Recon and Retrieval
Resupply one of the Zion bases.
Buffer Overflow
Shut down an exile Mainframe and pull data from the network; then lead a strike team into a Merovingian base.
The Stolen Artifact
Recover an artifact stolen from a Zion base (you will be working with the first redpill you recruited).
Meet with Niobe
Meet and greet Niobe, and welcome to the club.

Machines Edit

The End of the Beginning
Recover a dossier from some exiles.
Watchful Eyes
Second Thoughts
Plant some listening devices.
Viral Insurance
Plant a remote triggered virus in the Zion computers.
Escort a Machine program to a trouble spot.
Back to the Pods
Escort a returning Redpill.
Agent Information
Assassinate two Zion operatives and recover files.
Intel Recovery
Retake a captured machine station and recover data.
Shut down a Merovingian network then lead an attack on one of their bases.
The Stolen Artifact
Recover an artifact stolen from The Merovingian by an independent band of exiles (and from them by a Zion Redpill you recruited). As a final test of loyalty, kill your old recruit).
Meet Agent Gray
Meet and greet your new handler.

Merovingian Edit

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