The Seraphim were a type of Exiles that had the role of Agents within the Paradise Matrix. Suiting their name, they had the appearance of Angels. When the paradise matrix was considered a failure, they were then cast as exiles. A notable Seraphim was Seraph, who was also known to be wingless and as "Judas" by the Merovingian.

former agents of the Matrix, angelic versions of current Agents who loved and protected humans. The records they carry tell stories of how they were betrayed by their makers and held accountable for humans’ inherent flaws of self-destruction. How their only command, to love the humans, has damned them in the end. How they blame the humans and their greed for their downfall. That the pact between humans and machines placed humans in machines’ care in exchange for a perfect world. How the sun shown beautiful colors over the Elysian shore of the land and how the machines now cared for humans. The Angels love humans so much that they ensure they will not stray from the perfect system. And how the Angels will free humans by their sword and thereby killing the machines.


Notable Angels Edit

(Box 4 angels) Afriel – Akatriel Akriel – Box 4 angel Ambriel – Box 4 angel Anauel – Box 4 angel Arad – Box 4 angel Armatt – Box 4 angel Baglis – Box 4 angel Balthial – Box 4 angel Barakiel – Box 4 angel Barbelo – Box 4 angel Cathetel – Box 4 angel Colopatiron – Box 4 angel Ecanus – Box 4 angel Hahatah – Box 4 angel Harahel – Box 4 angel Hariel – Box 4 angel Israfel – Box 4 angel Jehiel – Box 4 angel Liwet – Box 4 angel Manakel – Box 4 angel Mupiel – Box 4 angel Orifiel – Box 4 angel Radueriel – Box 4 angel Rhamiel – Box 4 angel Samandiriel – Box 4 angel Sandalphon – Box 4 angel Shekinah – Box 4 angel Shemael – Box 4 angel Shemiaphas – Box 4 angel Trsiel – Box 4 angel Uretil – Box 4 angel Uriel – Box 4 angel Zuphlas [1]

References Edit

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