Faction Leaders

MJayMagi and Truthful
both long term players of the game and nothing stands between them when they are teamed up

Ship Captains
Ultrique - A born soldier with a piercing wit to match his bullets
theCrab - Specialist patcher and hacker
Ba1zak - One of the toughest MA's your ever meet
Clearcut - A deadly female who will only recruit female RSI's

A mainly UK / European player based faction with a few US players thrown into the families mix. They have a love of anything that involves them using their team ethics.
A more down to earth, chilled bunch of players you could not wish to meet and man can they party.
If all you want to do in life is PvP then these guys / girls are not the group for you. If you like your gaming varied, fun and relaxed then look no further. Feel free to ask around. Someone will point you in our direction.

Sadly, the Matrix online servers were shut down in 2009. Some of the faction still keep intouch through facebook, etc. Look up mjaymagic and you'll find them.

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