"Loathing and disgust fill this program's eyes as they bore into you.
From his headquarters in Camon heights, the exile known as silver hatches plots designed to increase his power, and torment the human "meatbags" he so despises.
―in-game description

Silver was an Element exile who can be found in the centre of his data centre in a basement at Camon Heights, Richland (1006, -16, -520).

He is the rival of fellow Element, Mercury, who is also an inventor.

Mission Notes
Meet the Meat Pass through an area and kill everything that is there, so Silver can measure and study the field density fluctuations of the matrix and how it is affected by redpills.
Software Run Run into a guard's ready room, insert a virus and get out of there alive quickly
For Tat Go to Hypatia (in Downtown) and kill someone for her, and in exchange help Silver with some research on unusual code frags which has recently appeared.
Mercury Sabotage Insert a virus into Mercury's mainframe.
Just a Peek Steal one of Mercury's prototypes and give it to one of Silver's associates.

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