Tyndall started off with this:

Tyndall: "Warrior, the evidence of a connection between the Cypherite movement and the popular performer, Cryptos, seems to be mounting. And since Veil's escape from Zion, the Cyperites have been appearing in increasing numbers, and have been displaying superior training and discipline. While we have had mixed results trying to pursue Veil and Cryptos directly, perhaps a more oblique approach will yield better results. I am sending you to interview Fly, an ex-Cypherite who recently returned to Zion. He has been under close supervision, but we had to re-insert him into the simulation when he began showing symptoms of paranoia after being jacked out of an extend period. Ask him about the Cypherites' training procedures."

Operator: Fly is in there.

So I went to the location and found Fly and asked him about the training procedures. This is what he said:

Fly: "Heya. Uh, thanks... It's good to be back. Training? Well, at first there wasn't much- just gave you a bandana and assigned you to a group, and that was pretty much it. Just recently, though, they started running a lot of drills and stuff at this sort of secret training facility. Sure, I can send the address to your operator. They're probably long gone, though; they move around a lot, now."

Operator: That sounds promising . Hit the street while he sends me the training facility's location.
Operator: Goals for this area are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

I got the address from him and then he said this:

Fly: "I get a little confused sometimes... But I know that we have to fight for the real world, too, and not just this one."

So I left the building and Tyndall came on with this:

Tyndall: "Search the facility carefully, operative. The Cypherites may have left some clue to their activity behind."

Operator: That's the address Fly gave me. Place scans clean. Dead, even.

So I went to the next building to see if there was anything I could find. I searched around until I came across a computer. My Operator said this:

Operator: "I'm picking up some very slight computer activity in that room. See if one of the computers is on."

I searched the computer and it said this:

User input detected.
Sleep mode cancelled.
Remote system activated.

This caused another computer system to come online in another room. I went there and found the computer. When I searched it something really cool happened. First it came up with this:

Received wakeup message from terminal 43k.a
Running training program v.l01.trn...

My Operator came on and said:

Operator: "That computer just launched a simulacra program. Can you see it? Talk to it and see if it responds."

I turned around and, oh my god, Veil was standing right behind me. It was just a simulacrum but still!

Operator: That computer just launched a simulacra program. Can you see it? Talk to it, and see if it responds.

Screen Shot:¤t=screens

This is what Veil had to say:

Veil (simulacrum): "Hello, dearie. We're so glad you choose to join the Cypherite movement. My name is Veil, and I'll be your mission controller. In the course of this training program, you'll learn to- SQUUARRRRK!!"

Then my operator came on with this:

Operator: "So that's what Veil's RSI looks like. You must have tripped an old Cypherite training program that they left behind. But it's just been deactivated by a remote override. I'm trying to trace the encrypted override signal. I think I recognize this encryption. **bleep**! It's gone. But I got a dump of the memory stack before the signal dropped. You'll find it on the computer in the other room. Get the data and upload it to me at a hardline."

Before I left the room I talked to Veil again and she said this:

Veil: "EG LoopMon shutdown detect 10:52:30."

Operator: Goals for this area are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

So I went to the other room and got the data CD and uploaded it at a hardline. Then Tyndall came on with this:

Tyndall: "Warrior, the voiceprint of the "Veil" simulacra you found matches the phone call you received while investigating Cryptos' early Matrix activity in your previous mission. If these recordings are legitimate, then it seems that the Cypherite controller is very interested in your investigation of Cryptos. This makes it all the more vital that we succeed in finding an active Cypherite training facility. Thanks to your recent infiltration of Cypherite networks, we are familiar enough with their data structures to decipher the information your operator captured from the command that shut down the Veil simulacra. It points to a hidden network hub, probably run by the Cypherites. I'm sending you the hub's coordinates now; go there and track the signal to its origin."

So I went to the next location to trace the override signal. When I got inside, my Operator said this:

Operator: "I've got plenty of redpill signals; a computer network, and an alarm system inside. Looks like Intel was on the money."

I had to kill some people to get a key to a locked room. When I went inside, my Operator said this:

Operator: "The network ID of the computer system in that room matches the one Intel found in the captured data. We need to access that terminal."

There was also two masked men in the room and they said this:

Cypherite Rifleman: "You idiot! You told me that the override command couldn't be traced through here! Now they're onto us!"

Cypherite Aikido Master: "Impossible! The signal was encrypted! I know what I'm doing!"

So I had to kill them so I could get to the computer. When I searched the computer this is what it said:

>trace netid 084832
1 2ms ***
2 5ms ***
3 8ms crypo032.5783.2gsa
3 hops to origin. Trace complete.

Then my Operator came on and said this:

Operator: "Got it! That's where the override signal came from. All right, get out of there. I'll work on pinning down the street address of that network ID."
Operator: Goals for this area are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

I went outside and Tyndall said this:

Tyndall: "It is apparent that the Cyperites have improved their security measures recently, but they are still no match for someone with your diligence, operative. It seems likely that you have located an active Cypherite training facility, or at least a command post of some sort. Secure the area, and collect any information concerning Cryptos, or the whereabouts of Veil."

So I went to the next location and this is where things started to get cool. When I got inside, my Operator said this:

Operator: "Okay, that's where the override signal came from. You're looking at lots of redpills, as well as quite a few active computer systems. Looks like we hit the jackpot."

I killed some masked men and got to a room with a looked door in it. My Operator said that he was reading an active computer system in the room. I got a key and went inside. I found the computer and accessed it and this is what it said:


Running training program cr01.trn...

My Operator came on and said:

Operator: "You just activated another training simulacra. Oh, man; does it look like who I think it looks like? You'd better check that thing out."

And oh man, it was freakin' Cryptos! This is what he had to say (Which by the way, you could also hear him actually speaking what was on the screen- it was pretty cool.):

Cryptos: "My name is Cryptos. I lead a group called the â?~Cypherites.' We are dedicated to letting every person live the best possible life. The real world isn't all it's cracked up to be, you know. Who are we to ruin people's lives by ripping them out of the only world they know? We Cypherites want to help people stay happy."

Screen Shot:¤t=screensh

My Operator then said:

Operator: "That's Cryptos' voice, all right- calling himself leader of the Cypherites! Whoa. That... that would actually explain quite a bit. It looks like talking to that simulacra has opened the far door."

So I went into the next room, killed two masked men. My Operator came on and said:

Operator: "Another active computer... Could this be part of a Cypherite indoctrination sequence? The far door is sealed, like the last one was."

I accessed the next computer, which started another Cryptos simulacra. This is what it said:

Cryptos: "You should think about joining the Cypherites. We would welcome you in our ranks. We are dedicated to maintaining the peace of the Matrix, and to protecting humanity from the horrors of the real world. We take on the burden of knowing what the real world is like, and we help humanity avoid it. If you are willing to make that sacrifice, to be a real hero, then you belong with us."

My Operator then said:

Operator: "Man, he really gives people the works, doesn't he? Do redpills actually fall for that stuff? The far door just unsealed."

And I went through the same thing again with the masked men and the computer terminal and another Cryptos. This is what the last one had to say:

Cryptos: "I'm very pleased you've joined us. We are all that stand between humanity and the careless actions of misguided people- those who'd deprive them of any hope of a good life! They cannot thank us for sparing them they'll never know that we protect them- but we don't do it for the praise; it's just the right thing to do. Welcome to the Cypherites."

My Operator then came on with this:

Operator: "The careless actions of misguided people? I guess he means us. Well, these particular misguided people are on to his little game now. Get out of there and we'll spill the beans to Tyndall."

I left the building, which ended the mission. This is what Tyndall had to say at the end:

Operator: Goals for this area are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

Tyndall : "So Cryptos is, in face, a Cypherite- and not just any Cypherite, but the leader of their whole movement! Fantastic work, operative; I will report this crucial discovery to Commander Lock at once. Now that we have finally identified their true leader- and found that Veil operates as their controller- we will be able to formulate a strategy to remove the threat they pose to Zion once and for all. You have the thanks of all Zion for your efforts, Warrior- and you have my thanks as well. Please feel free to return to Zion for a few cycles of R&R. It's the least I can do in the way of repaying you for your heroic work."

NPCs Edit

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