Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Zionite
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Soluma (real name: Emily Vega) was a Zionite Liaison who works aboard as the Logos II in the Vector instance of The Matrix Online.

Biography Edit

Bluepill Life Edit

During her bluepill life, Soluma was formerly a popular singer who moved to various nightclubs and performed. She had the habit of trying to avoid attaching herself with her one band, preferring to be by herself than with people.

In time, she became aware of redpill people, during the rise of Neo. She then realized that something both right and wrong was going on. She was then given the choice of a redpill or bluepill, from Ghost and Niobe, wanting to know the truth, she chose the red pill with no hesitation.

New Life Edit

She then remained on Zion during the end of the war, training and (rehabilitating?). Afterwards, she joined the Logos II, whose two main crewmembers helped her get out of the Matrix.

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