South Vauxton is a Downtown neighbourhood that is South of the main Vauxton. South Vauxton was originally the poorer half of one big Vauxton. Thanks to civic leaders, the South was seperated from the main neighbourhood. Most of the criminal activity is contributed indirectly or directly by the local gang.

Access Node Vauxton
Clubs None
Collectors Jokah
Contacts The Weaver
Gangs Runners
Hardlines Central (-1803, 0, -603)

East (-1277, 0, -781)
West (-2135, 0, -835)
SouthCentral 1 (-1783, 0, -716)
SouthCentral 2 (-1611, 0, -787)

Signal Boosters -1422, 7, -870
Subways Yellow
Vendors None

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