The storyline in The Matrix Online refers to the continuing flow of mission content and real-time events.

The storyline is sectioned off into chapters which are then split into three subchapters. Each subchapter (with the exception of subchapters 1.2 and 1.3) contains 5 "critical missions" for each organization for a total of 15 per subchapter. Critical missions are released every Thursday for five weeks with the sixth week being an off week before patches are released. Missions from chapters past can be played through as archive missions purchased from the organizational archive vendors.

Live events happen every weekday for one organization on one server and generally start between 3 and 6 PM Pacific. During live events, one or more organizational leaders will greet their organization at a meeting spot and instruct them with something to do. These events vary greatly and could be anything from a meeting with the Oracle to a dance party. However, these live events generally continue the storyline from one critical mission to another and fill in the gaps in-between. Live event summaries in the form of screenshots are posted on | Data Node One by developer Rarebit at a later date.



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