Faction Leader: Bayamos

Alignment: Machines

Instance: Vector

Web Site:

Systematic Chaos was formed due to a split in the faction "Guardians of the 7th Gate" (G7G) whom originally hailed from the Enumerator server. The faction grew in stature and popularity becoming the dominant Machine faction in both Player Vs Player combat and Roleplaying.

They won two of the three player organised event "Vector Olympics" that they entered. An event which put members of each faction (limited to two entrants per faction per category) against one another in a competition to gain points, eventually deciding the winner. The faction contained numerous specialised duelers and PvPers such as: Bayamos, Epsilon, Yasamuu, deviljonny, reaper2u, TheHostileIntention, Mathalos, Zudrag, hlew88, Riac, Oranos, DrBadTouch and Brommerz77. Many of these players were among the highest CQ (Combat Quotient - awarded when a player kills another player in combat.) holders accross all three servers. The faction was successful in weekly fight clubs and also won the one and only Vector Hostile Champions League. While the player TheHostileIntention was the MVP in the factions victory in The Vector Cup.

The faction was heavily relied upon by the Machine liaisons Systematica and LOCross to further the machines cause. They were the most decorated faction accross the game with Live Event rewards. The rewards were distributed for completing many diverse objectives including most damage, last hit, decyphering code, protecting allies and numerous others.

"I heard they're quite the awesome, godly types." - An unbiased observer who may or may not respond to the name Oranos.

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