Tabor Park is a neighborhood in the northeast corner of Richland, just to the east of Uriah. It is an area of open spaces and nice high rise apartment buildings. Michel has been at war with the local gang.

  • Hewitt Office Tower
Access Node
Collectors Michel
Contacts The Chessman at (760, 5, 156) on the rise in the main park
Gangs Demon Army
Hardlines Central at (701, 1, 445)
East at (943, 0, 269)
North at (835, 1, 578)
West at (532, 5, 420)
Signal Boosters Roof at (908, 25, 254) near east hardline
Subways Red Line
Yellow Line
Vendors Albrecht (Clothing)
Buffet (Weapon)
Chain (Item)
Kamprad (Item)
Masada (Coder)
Shermer (Hacker)
Taiko (Operative)
Whisper (Weapon)

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