Flood announces there’s an operation coming up where the EMCP devices could be put to much better use. Merovingian scientists modify the devices so they can disable any Machine program. The thought of being able to take out Agents using the EMCP devices sounds too good to be true.

One of Flood’s operatives is sent to meet up with the lead scientist in the operation.

Scientist: Ah, there you are at last. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Tester here has one of the modified devices. This device, when activated, will disable all Machine programs within a given radius. Take him with you to the next location.

Tester: Well, I’m ready when you are... I guess...

The Merovingian operative leaves the scientist’s location with the EMCP tester in tow.

Flood: You know, we truly are under constant persecution by the Machines. Let me look through the logs here... it shouldn’t be too hard to... ah, perfect. Machines attacking some of our poor, innocent associates. How unsurprising. Go there, and the tester will pull the trigger. Oh, and please make sure he goes through with it. He seems to be a little, ah... reluctant. I can’t imagine why.

Arriving at the scene, the first room the Merovingian operative and EMCP tester enter is full of other Merovingian Exiles preparing to join the fight. They explain that they’ll follow the tester into the room. The tester is ordered to detonate the EMCP as soon as they enter the room with the conflict.

The EMCP device is detonated, however none of the Machine programs fall, yet all the Exiles drop like flies.

Operator: Aw, crap! I’m reading Agents in there, honest full on Agents. Get out of there! Now!

The Merovingian operative quickly attempts to leave the location, but is cut off by Agents who swarm the room.

Flood: Well, whoever had this idea deserves to lose their job. I’m sure I’ll be able to pin—I mean, find out who was responsible.

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