"Thallia watches you closely, looking for a weakness that she can exploit. Although confined to the relatively poor neighbourhood of Magog, she somehow manages to dig out the dark secrets of her neighbors, and she always uses them to her greatest possible advantage."
―in-game description

Thallia is an exile in Magog, Richland. She has lives in the penthouse at (347, 27, -342). She seems to be connected to the local gang somehow and is not about using you as bait.

Mission Notes
Calculated Risk Deliver a package (from Melvin) to Chukokkala.
Applying Pressure Attack two of Mercury's labs.
Boiling Point Counterattack Mercury's assault on Thallia's.
An Offer They Can't Refuse Persuade three informants.
Digging Deeper Capture another informant guarded by lupines.

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