The Ashford Foundation was a web-based ARG created by a team of players for the enjoyment of those playing at the MMORPG The Matrix Online. It run between January 25 2008 and January 23 2009, beginning with an advertising broadcasted in Megacity (Good Waking, the little pill that wakes you softly).

Mysteries of the Ashford FoundationEdit

At the first glance, looks like just another corporate website. Ashford Foundation, the site tells us, is "was created in 1999 within the financing framework of researches based mainly on the interpretation of dreams". Its founder and CEO is Sienna Ashford.

But here's the catch - the company does not exist, except in the imagination of the population. We learn later there is another founder who manages secretly this organization : William Flynn, more known under the pseudonym "Ednix", a dangerous and fearsome hacker looked after by the Megacity authority.


Behind the Ashford Foundation is hidden Data Node Mu, a Zion community network controlled by Ednix and Kedralynn conducting perpetually attacks against the Machines.

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