The Auditor is an exile who can be found at the lonely foot of a stairway at Union Hill (203, 1, 711). His missions revolve around his concern about the discrepancies in the Matrix.

Mission Notes
By the Numbers Get and uUpload two disks from a single location by a specific address.
Throwing a Disk Get two more disks (need the help of a bluepill to get them)
For a Few Disks More Get one more data point (same as before?) (rescue and escort a bluepill's girlfriend back to him before the bluepill gives you the data needed)
Resource Management Rescue the Auditor's assets (analyse what happened).
Stop the Leak Find three of artefacts from the Sculptress and give them to three people in order to create a stabilization in the Matrix.

Quotes Edit

  • The numbers are all I care about. Everything else is just static in the Matrix….Here’s the address. Get moving.

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