The Chef is an exile in the garb of a traditional chef who can be found standing outside a large office building, near the Zeitgeist Club, in Pillsen (-243, 19, 320).

Mission Notes
Paging Get a special recipe from Hypatia (who wants to get rid of some nuisance exiles in exchange).
And a Bottle of Rum Get some spare rum from The Bartender in order to make a rare dish (later revealed to be stolen?).
Bedtime Reading In order to get help translate some of the ancient recipes, escort two (low level) NPCs through the streets of Downtown.
Spice Story Create a diversion by attacking on a safehouse of hers and grab some spice from The Bartender.
If I’d Known You Were Coming Get some icing tools for the finished cake (made as a result of all of the missions) for

Mr. Black and take it to him.

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