The Coroner is an exile in that can be found standing on the streets in Baldwin Heights, Downtown. (-179, -19, 433).

As his name implies, he occupies himself with studying deceased individuals who have died mysteriously. It is presumed that he is doing that for his own purpose. He is one of the Merovingian's information sources. He lives in Baldwin Heights. He is the nemesis of Hypatia.


The Cypherites reached him in order to prevent the Merovingian from doing any harm to the sleeping humans with the data that the wealthy Exile had. However, he told them that his rival, Hypatia stole the information from him.

Mission Notes
Knock, Knock Kill a selected group of people chosen by the Coroner and extract some materials for him.
Falling Into Place Purloin and erase two video tapes containing incriminating evidence.
The Last Time Stop a raid that is happening in his lab, and eliminate the leader of the attack, Crow.
The Plan Recover a journal stolen by Hypatia.
Payback Recover a file which will publically humiliate Hypatia, which you must deal with The Network.

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